Foojin: An Essential Oil Experience

It's time to get personal with essential oils with the world’s first wearable essential oil diffuser designed for all-day comfort and long-lasting, optimal aromatherapy.

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Therapeutic vs. Sport

The are two Foojin models. The (T) Therapeutic model is skin tone in color for discrete use. The wick basket (where the wick's go) is customized for optimal uptake during day-to-day activities when your breathing rate is not elevated. The (S) Sport model is turbo orange in color and for athletic use. The S's wick baskets are designed to allow for faster consumption of essential oil to keep up with heavy breathing during your activity of choice. Both models are equally comfortable and extremely effective. 

We love our Foojin!! I sleep with mine every night. I passed them out to my entire family. They think it's the coolest thing ever. 👍🏻

Amy L.

Why Foojin?

If you've found us, you already understand and appreciate the benefits of essential oils. As you know, aromatherapy is the most effective way to reap the full benefits of essential oils.

But - there's a problem. 

Most available diffusers either blast valuable essential oils into the atmosphere hoping you inhale a little, or aren't designed for long lasting, direct inhalation of the oils.

The Foojin solves these challenges with a comfortable, portable, customizable, refillable and discrete wearable essential oil diffuser.

The Foojin is an innovative, patented nose clip constructed of BPA and latex free medical grade plastic that houses two disposable wicks. Once the wicks have been easily pressed into the nose clip and two drops of oil of your choosing are placed onto each wick, you'll have hours of direct access to the numerous benefits of essential oils.